Q.I accidentally linked a Closers account to my Steam, how can I switch or remove my existing game account?


If you wish to unlink the existing game account from your Steam, we can offer to unlink the existing account only once for a Steam account that doesn’t have DLC purchases records.


We cannot provide unlink service from accounts that have DLC purchases as it may cause issues in purchasing DLC packs to the account in the future.


During this process, we would like to remind you that we are not able to move or transfer any items, data, or N-coins from the linked account to the new game account that you will be linking.


If you agree with this condition, please send an Account Unlink request https://www.closersonline.com/support/qna/ or send it through email, support@closersonline.com for processing.

Q.“User information does not exist, or the password is incorrect” Error


There are some reasons why this error appears when you try to log-in:

1st reason: You didn’t input the exact email address or password that you used during account registration.

      • The email log-in is case sensitive, therefore, if you registered your email with capital letter/s, it should also have the capital letter/s when you try to log-in.

2nd reason: You were not able to successfully register your account.

      • To confirm if you have successfully registered your account, log-in to your registered email and look for the ‘Email Verification’ message in your inbox, spam folder, or by searching for the keyword “Closers”.
      • If there’s no Email Verification found, it means that the account was not successfully created under that email address.

3rd reason: You were not able to successfully migrate your account.

      • Accounts from En Masse server:
      • Only those who migrated before December 22, 2020, at 00:00 UTC were able to keep their Closers account progression and EMP balance from En Masse to Naddic server.
      • Sadly, if you didn’t migrate your Closers account from En Masse to Naddic before the deadline, you won’t be able to access the account anymore. We kindly suggest creating a new account in Naddic if you wish to continue playing Closers.
      • Accounts from Closers Thailand server:

For further assistance in retrieving your account, please contact the Customer Support or send us an email to, support@closersonline.com

Q.N-Coin Charge Concern


Hello Agents,

You can purchase N-Coins from our N-Coin Website or in-game.

Both options require you to log-in to your Naddic account where you wanted to receive the N-Coins.

For Steam Players

Once you clicked on the “Charge N-Coin” button in-game, the ‘Internet Explorer’ will appear and directs you to the N-Coin purchase website.


On that browser, you will need to log-in to the Steam account that you are currently logged-in to properly purchase N-Coins.

For Players who are logging-in through Naddic Web Launcher

Once you clicked on the “Charge N-Coin” button in-game, the ‘Internet Explorer’ will appear and directs you to the N-Coin purchase website.


You will need to input the Naddic account that you are currently using to properly purchase N-Coins.