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    May Discord Event – Winners
  • 2023-05-19 05:45

May Discord Event – Winners

Thank you for being a part of this event. Here are the final entries and winners of the May Discord Event!

Fan Art Gala

Event Rewards

Five Winners
  • Art will be featured in Closers World’s new website’s forum
  • 5,000 N-coins
  • Keycap goods
Participants x1 Lucky Gear Booster Fuel (non-tradeable) 

N-Coins reward will be given during May 24, 2023 maintenance while keycap goods rewards will be delivered following a separate notice.

Lucky Gear Booster Fuel will be given on May 19, 2023 UTC. This item expires on December 31, 2023 at 9:00 am UTC.

Fan Art Gala Winners

Closers Name: Xaters12


Closers Name: Cancermancer


Closers Name: FloppaCult


Closers Name: LassCordo



Closers Name: Linx


All Participants

Top Tip Contest

Event Rewards

Four Winners
  • Tip will be featured in Closers World’s new website’s forum
  • 5,000 N-coins
Participants x10 Gear Booster Fuel I (non-tradeable) 

N-Coins reward will be given during May 24, 2023 maintenance.

Gear Booster Fuel I will be given on May 19, 2023 UTC. This item expires on December 31, 2023 at 9:00 am UTC.

Top Tip Contest Winners

Closers Name: 0kiki0


Transitional Tuning Tips

Gearing is a long and complicated process, but one of the most important systems to get familiar with is Tuning. Platinum status can help immensely by raising the minimum tuning grade from C to B on most gear. Knowing how to approach Tuning in general is key to ensure that you are making the best usage of your resources. On non-best in slot(BiS) gear you can be more lenient with mediocre tunes, as you’ll eventually replace them with gear more worthy of an investment. Items such as Guaranteed S Components, Equalizers, SS-C, etc. should generally be saved for current BiS gear.


Tuning all of your gear to the ideal stat lines is one of the most important things to do. It’s better to have an A or B grade tune on a relevant line rather than have an S grade tune on a useless line. You can see what to tune for on each gear piece by referencing the top TCP players of your respective class via the Rankings tab in the menu.


Even though you should generally try to tune for S grade lines, sometimes that isn’t always realistic. You’ll often run out of tuning count and have no more equalizers. As long as you have an A or B grade tune on a relevant stat, you’ll generally be okay. In a scenario where you have to settle for less than S, you should be aware of what tunes are okay to have lower grades on. Using an S-C Component to preview the differences in stat values between tune grades is very helpful.


TL:DR – Save those guaranteed S components for the strongest(BiS) gear! You’ll be fine using A or B grade tunes for the most part on transitional gear.

Closers Name: Charming


How to use some Command for the benefit

1. /escape mostly useful for escape boss attack or warp nearly boss if you spawn far in starts fight if you lazy walk to fight boss like me and if you bug can’t move you can /escape too. We know /escape Command is drag you to reviev spot and that why some people knowing and use for easy cheat some dungeon like another lucifer when you get tentacle just /escape you will flee from tentacle or if map have fall and you fall just cancel and /escape you will not fall and no need spam skill to try climb up. Can’t use in Dragon’s Execution ground and The Temple of the Ocean you will get kill instant Last thing for /escape if you go planer gate and get buff Extreme fighter and lazy walk back just /escape 


2. /hi or /qq this emote command is useful for skip Character animation if you have animation long in starts fight useful on speed run to kill some boss in mock or etc dungeon ( Can’t skip animation boss ) but you can skip Character animation and use skill skip animation boss no need to wait boss show animation finish. Last thing if you lazy wait animation get buff Extreme fighter finish just /hi or /qq you will skip animation 


3. /sit on [Nightmare] Ancient Dragon’s Nightmare : Heart if you lazy hide and seek phase you can go yellow spot on top right and /sit


Closers Name: GameDead


Additional Rewards using Reset Timers

Dimensional Doppelgangers is a sector that offers 2 daily runs and is a great way to get additional valuable resources for your character. You may find that a lot of days offer very lackluster rewards, but days such as Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday offer a great way to gather resources such as fuel for enhancing, phase fiber for costume enhancement/crafting and Malek crystals for credits. On these specific days, you can utilize a specific method to obtain more runs for each of the days that offer better rewards.


To perform this, you simply need to enter the sector before reset, clear two times and stay inside the dungeon until after reset. After reset occurs, a message will pop up and the sector entries will be reset. You will be able to retry the sector and go in an additional 2 times for the higher value sectors instead of using your clears for other sectors which provide lower rewards.


In addition to timing daily reset for additional clears, a similar method can be performed for conquest cooldown. Conquest cooldown can be reset early and depending on the time left it will cost additional credits. Since the cooldown timer is not reset alongside the rewards and the reset credit cost is linked to cooldown time, this method can be used to provide a way to get unlimited rewards within the cooldown timeframe at a relatively low price. This method is very powerful especially for sectors with very long conquest cooldown, such as Beelzebub V2 for crafting phase wings and Asmodeus V2 sectors to craft Asmodeus full bodies which have a cooldown of 1 week.

Closers Name: Laststation


 General tips about invincibility/i-frames

Check out the images for examples of each tip.


Tip#1: Extending Your I-frame Duration:

To extend the duration of your invincible state let the animation of your skill play out by simply not pressing any keys. This technique is useful on characters with visually short skills such as Soma’s Destruction Strike and Harpy’s EX Sonic (Down) to get as much invulnerability time as possible.

This concept also applies to skills with Damage Reduction as well.


Tip#2: Lingering Invincibility:

Eunha’s, Mirae’s, and Cheolsu’s Enhanced Basic Attack and some skills like Harpy’s Fortuna Revelation have a special property where you retain i-frame even if you were to cancel into another skill. Try and experimenting to see which skills of your characters have this.


Tip#3: Dodge + Invincibility The game allows you to combine both actions to reposition if you need to get yourself out of a bad situation.


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