• Event

    Cheap Cosplay Contest – Winners!
  • 2022-07-07 10:30

Cheap Cosplay Contest – Winners!

Thank you for participating in this event! Here are the final entries and winners for the Cheap Cosplay Contest!

Event Rewards

Rank Rewards
1st 10,000 N-coins + 1,000 UMP
2nd 7,000 N-coins + 1,000 UMP
3rd 5,000 N-coins + 1,000 UMP
4th 3,000 N-coins + 1,000 UMP
5th 2,000 N-coins + 1,000 UMP
All Valid Participants 1,000 UMP

All N-coin and UMP rewards will be sent during the next scheduled maintenance.

1st Place

Closers Name: 0kiki0 / Character Name: Jpart2 / Portraying: Shining Star Cheolsu Kim

Naddic team’s comment:

This was so accurately done! At first glance, we actually thought it was a real guitar. Splendid effort to include the Shining Star wing with the music notes effects, special mention to the long hair that is flawlessly similar to Cheolsu’s hair. Shout out to your sister for helping for this wonderful craft and congratulations!

2nd Place

Closers Name: LassCordo / Character Name: Badang / Portraying: Dark Spirit of The War Deity : J

Naddic team’s comment:

This fits the theme for the cheap cosplay! The pieces are easy to build to create this look and it was accurately done so well that it matches the reference photo. Credits to the editing and even the pose! Congratulations!

3rd Place

Closers Name:nyancat / Character Name:Noodle / Portraying: Cutie Harpas Armband image

Naddic team’s comment:

This is an entry that has a unique reference! It is creative to see that using simple materials such as spare clothes and even paper towels can create something awesome! Congratulations!

4th Place

Closers Name: StellaJudith / Character Name: ShootMeDaddy / Portraying: Pan

Naddic team’s comment:

This is a stunning look to portray Pan! An attire that was combined all together to achieve the colors, accessories, even the look. It is was passionately done for Pan! Congratulations!

5th Place

Closers Name: estgekko / Character Name: Ayachii / Portraying: Office Life Seha

Naddic team’s comment:

Sums up every office day! A pile of papers, books, a rotating chair and even got that ID there. Simple bits of pieces that were combined to match Seha’s office life! Congratulations!

All Valid Participants

Character Name: xHannaChanx / Portraying: Violet in Black Suit Costume

Character Name: FIoppa / Portraying: Seha (Trainee & Novice agent)

Character Name: Ravenwich / Portraying: Yuri Undercover set

Character Name: XiJinPing / Portraying: WolfDog Pet

Character Name: UsagiRini / Portraying: Mini Monster Bird Harpas

Closers Name: kaiskag / Portraying: Fast Dual Recovery Capsule

Closers Name: Ayusha / Portraying: J in Panda Pajama

Closers Name: ShioriHime / Portraying: Gomory’s Dark Rabbit Pet

Closers Name: PachiiSan / Portraying: Bai Winchester

Closers Name: Gluttony / Portraying: Misteltein in Cozy Winter set

Closers Name: Kitlington / Portraying: Black Lambs Pet

Closers Name: Deafenz / Portraying: Prometheus Cheolsu Kim

Closers Name: Dellan / Portraying: Dr. Hoffman