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Gear & Item


1. How to Use Synchro Fibers In Closers

2. Gear

3. Gear Enhancement / Enhancement Adapter

4. Gear Tuning / Direct Tuning

5. Gear Transcendence

6. Trigger

7. Costume Tuning/ Upgrade/ Conversion/ Direct Tuning

8. Item Crafting

9. Item Salvage

1. How to Use Synchro Fibers In Closers GAME GUIDE

Synchro Fibers allow you to combine two costume pieces for a chance to get a Signature Costume piece through costume conversion. You can access the costume conversion window by right clicking on Synchro Fiber, selecting Costume from the Menu or talking to Dr Jung and selecting Conversion. For Synchro Fibers you will need two or three star costumes to craft costumes at a minimum. Some Synchro Fibers may have other limitations (for example, Fallen Synchro Fiber is three star only). Only core costume pieces can go through Costume Conversion. Event items generally can’t be salvaged, leveled up or converted.

Your Base and Fodder need to fit the same costume slot (so for example if you use a two star feet costume as the Base you’ll need to use two star feet as the Fodder). Fodder is always consumed during conversion. The character who is doing Costume Conversion needs to be able to wear the Base, Fodder does not need to be wearable. Costumes you want to use (as Base or Fodder) need to be in your inventory, you can’t select them if you’re wearing them.

If you combine three star costume pieces, you can use Phase Silk (an option transfer item) to make sure you transfer one of your costume’s abilities into the new costume. Combining three star costumes significantly increases your chances of getting a signature costume. Once you’ve entered your Base and Fodder, you’ll be able to see your Fail Pool for that item. If your attempt to get a Signature Costume fails, you’ll have the choice between one Fail Pool item chosen for you at random or your base item.

If you succeed, congratulations! You have a new signature costume piece. If you fail, choose whether you want the Base or the Fail Pool item.


1) Gear

-The gear consists of 4 types of core/module/shield/receiver, and the number of wearables varies by type.

   -Some gear items are grouped into one set.

   -If gear with the same set name is equipped together, additional effects can be obtained depending on the number of gear equipped. 

  ▶ Gear Grade

   -Item grade can be checked through the top right of the item information.

   -It is divided into 5 levels: The Poor/Fair/Average/Fine/Superior grade, and the higher the grade and %, the higher the ability.

   -Item grade can be adjusted through ‘Union Gear Lubricant’.

   -The grade is determined according to the level of the grade section, so even the same grade gear may have slightly different stats

3. Gear Enhancement / Enhancement Adapter GAME GUIDE

2) Gear Enhancement/ Enhancement Adapter

 ▶ Enhancement

   -You can upgrade gear through the ‘Enhancement/Tuning Machine’ in hub.

   -Fuel and credits are required in addition to the enhancing item for enhancement. In the event of a reinforcement failure, the reinforcement level may decrease and can be defended with the reinforcement vaccine additive.

   -The higher the enhancement level, the higher the probability of failure, and the success rate varies depending on the fuel you set.

-[Initialization/Contamination/Destruction] If there is a risk, a warning light illuminates to inform you of the possibility of an accident.

   -Proper use of reinforcing additives and fuels should increase the probability of success and prevent accidents 

4. Gear Tuning / Direct Tuning GAME GUIDE

-You can tune the gear through the ‘Enhancement/Tuning Machine’ in hub.

   -Gear above the Magic level has additional effect options, and can be modified through tuning.

   -‘Glowing Tuning Components’ are consumed when tuning is in progress. (It is not consumed when tuning all options.)

   -You can tune by selecting the tuning option you want for the gear by using the D component item.     

(Type: SS Guaranteed D Component/ Radiant D Component / S Guaranteed D Component / Splendid D Component / Superior D Component)

-SS-grade tuning option is only applied to triggers and new gear with Lv.85 or higher.

5. Gear Transcendence GAME GUIDE

4) Gear Transcendence

   -Some gear can be changed to new item through Transcendence.

   -Transcend gear can be carried out through the ‘Enhancing/Tuning/Transcending Machines’ located in each area.

   -Transcendence gear has higher stats than gear, and some gear awakens the character’s skill and makes it more powerful.

   -Transcendence can be progressed in a total of 5 stages. (Locking> Unlock> Release> Beyond> Cosmic> Infinity)

   -Transcendence stages can be identified through the item name and icon.

   -Transcendence basically has a low probability of success, and upon success, reinforcement/tuning/slot information is initialized.

   -However, you can prevent initialization and get better results by using additives and supplements.  

-You can collect Transcendental Stones to craft condensed Transcendental Stones with a 100% probability of transcending.

   -The phase gear level is a unique stat that is used only in some areas of operation, such as Great Purification Ops.

   -The default value is set differently depending on the gear, but it can be further increased through transcendence and enhancement.

   -The average gear level of the worn gear is displayed as the character’s gear level. (Decimal Round Down)

   If the character’s gear level is higher than the dungeon gear level, the stat bonus will be given,

     When it’s low, you get a stat penalty.

   -In the status of the stat penalty, the party search function of some dungeons may be restricted. 

6. Trigger GAME GUIDE

5) Trigger

   ▶ What is Trigger?

-New gear with special unique effects (effects activated when certain conditions are satisfied)

     -Trigger items of the same type cannot be equipped. 

▶ Trigger Features

     -Available: Unique slot, individual stats and set effects, exclusive tuning options, unique effects

     -None: Phase gear level, gear grade (poor to superior), gear enhancement and chip system  

   ▶ Activation effect & combustion energy

-Active effect has ON/OFF function.

     -Combustion energy is required to activate the activation effect.

     -Combustion energy can be charged by consuming items designated as materials (can be charged up to 1000)

     -When entering a dungeon while equipping a trigger set item with an activation effect, combustion energy will be automatically consumed.     

-When the combustion energy is ‘0’, the activation effect will be deactivated (individual stats/set options still apply).  

▶ Trigger obtaining method and main trigger


     -Rare triggers can be acquired in the ‘Hunter’s Night’ battle program and training program.    

Rare triggers can be obtained from the ‘Fantasy World: Dream Theater <Reverse>’, the           Spirited Fly king’s body and the Belzebuve: The Audience.              

7. Costume Tuning/ Upgrade/ Conversion/ Direct Tuning GAME GUIDE

6) 코스튬

     -When equipping a costume item, you can decorate your character in various styles and get additional stat effects.

     -It can be worn on a total of 17 parts, and more free parts are available when the visual slot is unlocked.

     -There are 1 star / 2 star / 3 star costumes, and the number of options increases with higher grade costumes.

  ▶ Costume tuning

-Costume tuning can be performed through Dr. Jung NPC.

     -Different types of component/equalizer items are consumed for each 1-star/2-star/3-star costume type.

     -You can tune and modify the tunable stats that each costume has. 

 ▶ Costume Upgrade

     -You can upgrade the costume through the NPC Dr. Jung.

     -The costume can be upgraded up to 3 stars. Credits and fiber items are consumed when upgrading.

     -As the costume grade increases, the stats and set option effects are strengthened. 

 ▶ Costume Conversion

     -Costume conversion can be done through the UI that appears by right-clicking the [Synchro Fiber] item.

     -Use your character costume as BASE and the same grade/part costume as material to process the conversion.

     -Only 2-star/3-star costumes can be converged, and there is a difference in success rate for each costume grade. 

-Depending on the probability, you can acquire a ‘rare costume’ as account bounded status.

     -If you acquire all 6 rare costumes through conversion, you will achieve the achievement of ‘Costume’.

       You can obtain a visual frame ticket for rare costumes.

-If you fail to acquire a rare costume, you can choose between the existing BASE costume and the random converged costume.

     -If you quit the game without acquiring a costume, the selection window will be re-exposed when reconnecting.

     -You can check the list of costumes that can be obtained due to conversion failure through the FAQ search in the customer center. 

-If you use [Phase Trade Silk] when conversing a costume, the options of the BASE costume will be inherited in the conversion result.

     -[Phase Trade Silk] is consumed when inheriting the option, and is not consumed when selecting the BASE costume.

     -Can only be used for 3-star costume conversion, and does not apply to 2-star costume conversion. 

▶ Costume Direct Tuning

? What is a direct tuning system?

• Tuning system that can change the option into the option type that you want.

• It is possible to acquire SS class option higher than the existing S class

? What is different than original tuning?

• Without going through existing enhancement/tuning NPCs! Use a consumable item (D Jewel Component) to change the tuning options.

• Unlike original tuning, which had to be tuned for a long time, you can select and change the desired option.

• Because the SS option only applies to rare costumes! The value of the rare costume you have is even higher.

  1. Use direct tuning items

– When using the D Jewel component, the Direct Tuning UI appears.

  • Costume Selection

-When the Direct Tuning UI appears, you will be connected to the costume inventory.

-Select a costume to tune. 

3) Option Selection

* Left tab: List of options you want to tune newly

* Right Tab: List of currently owned tuning options

-Select the tuning option that you want from the left tab.

-Select the option slot to be replaced in the right tab. 

※ When A option is selected on the left, if you have the same A option on the right, other options cannot be selected.

    This means that you cannot have duplicates of the same option. 

4) Tuning Completed

-After selecting the option you want, click OK to complete the tuning option setting with the fixed probability.

-When all the tuning counts are used, the tuning count can be restored with the equalizer as before. 

5) Direct tuning type

-The tuning success rate increases in the order of superior, splendid, and S-confirmation (SS confirmation).  

(ex. superior D jewel component: D~S grade / splendid D jewel component: A~S grade / S confirmed D jewel component: S grade confirmed

   superior D Jewel Component Special: D~SS Grade / Splendid D Jewel Component Special: A~SS Grade / SS Confirmed D Jewel Component Special: SS Confirmed)

 -<Superior D Jewel Component> and <Superior D Jewel Component Special> are available in the [Consumables] tab of the Matter Mixer.

   It can be crafted using material items (splendid phase fiber and splendid jewel component). (Limited to 5 productions per account)

Item creation

8. Item Crafting GAME GUIDE

7) Item Crafting

     -Various items can be crafted through the ‘Crafting/Salvaging Machine’ in hub.

     -You can create various gear, consumables, and materials through crafting.

     -To craft each item, you need to obtain crafting materials using various paths in the game.

9. Item Salvage GAME GUIDE

 8) Item Salvage

     -Gear and costumes can be salvaged through the ‘Crafting/salvaging Machine’ in hub.

     -Gear of the same grade can be registered at once by the grade mark in the lower check box.

     -When salvaging gear: Obtaining various crafting materials, enhancement/tuning additives  

-When salvaging the costume: Obtain a phase fiber that matches the costume grade, and obtain a enhancement chip at a probability when salvaging a 3-star costume