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    Year-End Closers Party! Discord Event – Winners
  • 2023-01-11 01:18

Year-End Closers Party! – Winners

Thank you for being a part of this event. Here are the final entries and winners of the Year-End Closers Party! Discord Event.

Event Rewards

Year-End Closers Party! Rewards
 Solo (max of 5 participants) 

5 Solo = 5 individual winners

► 1,000 N-coins each participant ◄

 Pair (max of 2 participants) 

5 Pairs = 10 individual winners

► 1,000 N-coins each participants ◄

 Group (minimum of 3 participants – max of 5 participants per group) 

4 Groups = Maximum of 20 individual winners

► 1,000 N-coins each participants ◄

 All participants (Winners and Non-winners) 

► X10 Hair Dyeing Ampoule (non-tradable) ◄

• This item expires on December 31, 2023 at on 9:00 am UTC.


The X10 Hair Dyeing Ampoule (non-tradable) will soon come in the in-game mail, while all N-coin rewards will be

given out during the January 11th scheduled maintenance.


Solo Category Winners

Character Name: ScarletClaw

Just as in this dream theater the CLOSERS create memories to become stronger, so are the memories that each of us as players have created, be it with friends who no longer play, with the people who play with you every day, or simply the ones we will meet in this coming year, my wish for everyone is that we continue sharing, playing, farming and killing dimensional monsters with our friends and loved ones for many more years… 🎉 HAPPY NEW YEAR 2023🎉 to all the CLOSERS!!!

Character Name: Hoverdash

Yuri Claus brings all the presents at Mach 5, always in time.
Every time I return to play Closers I feel incredibly wholesome, there is no such experience in any other game. Happy New Year, let’s hope 2023 brings us more cool stuff.

Character Name: PurpleWinter

Happy New Years to all.
Another year, the same you. We all know you’re not going to keep your New Year Resolution but no matter. There will be more happy times, more sad times and more fun times, the grind is not yet over. We still have Beast King to farm, Immortal sets to finish and more costumes to acquire.

Character Name: REvibna

We made a lot of Memories in 2022 and let’s create a lot new precious memories in 2023!!
Happy New Year for everyone! let’s start the new beginning with new resolution!!

Character Name: Arete

New Year’s is a time for both celebration and reflection. It’s a time to be grateful to live to see another year with the people we love. While I am not close to a majority within the Closers Community, I have nonetheless enjoyed my stay in the community we’ve built. As we celebrate this special occasion, I hope everyone can look forward to the year ahead with optimism and joy. I wish that everyone overcomes any obstacles that stand in their way. Persevere and Happy New Year! ❤️ 🥳

Pair Category Winners

Character Name: Jpart2 and WP

Prepare for trouble! And make it double! To protect the world from devastation! To unite all peoples within our nation! To spread the word of truth and love! To extend our reach to the stars above! Jessie! J! Team Trainer parties throughout the night! Join us now, and prepare for delight! Meowth! That’s right! We wish you a Happy Holidays as we blast off into the new year! 🎆 🎊🥳🥂 🙌

Character Name: ZenXYuri and Bianca

Thank you for 2022 and welcome to 2023. May this new year bring us much joy and fun. May we find peace, love, and success. Sending our heartiest new year wishes to you all!
Our friendship made it another year around the sun. Here’s to another great one, and hopefully, many things we could do in the closers together this year.

Character Name: xHannaChanx and Sakyita

I want to start my message by wishing everyone a Happy New Year! 🎉 especially everyone who made this wonderful game possible :Miraeyes: thank you very much to all the Naddic team for allowing me to meet amazing people in this game with whom I had the pleasure of playing and share wonderful moments :lunahappy: some are no longer there or we simply don’t talk :sadlevia: but I hope that one day we can share again. 2022 was a year full of many emotions for me, both happy and sad, but I have learned many things and I am very grateful, especially with my best friend (the one with me in the photo) with whom I have been friends for many years and has always supported me in everything, you deserve the best :Tinaheart:.
My best wishes to all of you in this new year, I hope you can achieve your goals and have a lot of prosperity in everything you do :seuwow:

Character Name: Seyzh and NlNA

We would like to start by wishing everyone a Happy New Year!
Life has for sure been changing around us, but in the end it’s gentle and kind.
In both ways, the good and the unpleasant moments, we need to remind ourselves that there should always be love, and also will be time.
As we continue our path forward, life will be filled with surprises, and some of them will pursue on for many years ahead.
We thank each other for this surprise life, and this game, brought to both our lives.
And there may be ups and downs, but we know Closers made us encounter and will make us reunite again.
We wish to everyone, that your relationships, no matter what kind, continue flourishing as life goes on.
“We sometimes wonder what’s in store for us, and we have to make it clear to our heart…That our will to continue wins!”
For your happiness and ours, our most sincere wishes. Thank you

Character Name: Yadorigichan and Mistilteinn

Another year left us full of mixed emotions, some pleasant others not, but somehow all the bad experiences made us reflex, opened up our minds and made us stronger, and overall they leaded us in one or other way to something positive. We can say goodbye to this year without regrets, and welcome the new year full of determination.
There are many people that continue together along with us and some others that left us due to life circumstances, so lets enjoy this new year to the fullest and make a lot of memories, so we can have a lot of stories to tell when we reunite again some day.
Thank you Naddic for bringing us another year full of adventures, together with all the Closers around the world! :seuwow:
We wish everyone the best and that you can fulfill your dreams along with your loved ones! :seulheart:
As the Closers we are, lets fight together this new year to make the world a better place where everyone can smile! :somahappy:
🎉 🎆 Happy New Year from Misteltein! :teinbughype: 💚

Group Category Winners

Character Name: Soeki, Cu7eJR, Text, Anous, and Influence

It’s a beautiful night here at Centum City heading into 2023 partying with your dear friends, who are very lucky and more powerful than what I could ever be heading into the new year. So let’s start off this year with a cup of coffee (for farming purposes) and enjoy yet another year of Closers!
🥂 Happy New Years Everyone! 🎆

Character Name: D3M0ND, LewdcyOwO, LoveLegend, and Chro

“🎄 The Christmas tree here is so beautiful 🎄 It’s almost new year.
Let’s take picture together for a good memory and to commemorate the start of a new year :lunahappy: “
⭐ Happy New Year 2023 ⭐
wish you all stay healthy , have good gacha luck , and stay together playing Closers for a long time. :leviawrong:

Character Name: Hansha, Uraraka, Kisara, Clint, and Eust

Time flies so fast, I hope in this new year, all of us can beat every challenges, get more hapiness and less sadness, I hope you guys can achieve what you want in this blessed year.
Happy new year 2023

Character Name: Verheerender, loshimaroo, and Mogeko

2022 has had it’s ups and downs. What has gotten many of us through these past few years have been our family, friends, and the community. Cheers to the new year and hopefully it will be an even better one! May rnjesus be with everyone 🙏

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