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    Q&A with the Closers World Devs! – Answered
  • 2022-10-31 07:31

Q&A with the Closers World Devs! – Answered

We would want to extend our gratitude to all of the Agents who contributed their questions, feedback, and suggestions.

You will find the topic, together with a summary of your questions and our Developers’ responses, at the bottom of this page on this website.

We truly appreciate everyone who participated in this season’s Dev Q and A session!


► Costume Related Concerns

  • Just as the Fatigue System was removed for the Closers World Server, “Seasonal Trend” for costumes should also be removed.

  • Release the “Paradise” Swimsuit Washing Machine as soon as you can without waiting for the “Season (Every Summer, June of the year)”

  • As of now, the only way to purchase old costume pieces is via the Union Store, and they’re all in packages. In Closers KR, you can buy each item individually instead of the packages that Closers World doesn’t have. Could you sell costume pieces separately while also selling the package version? Also, could we get more older costumes? 
    Example: Sailor, Ninja, Shaman, All-Star, Pirate, Noble costume sets (packages and pieces) to Union Store.

  • Since the game moved to Naddic, the synchro fiber failed merge pool for 2* costumes has stayed the same. This is especially true for Rattus characters, who have only had their release costumes and cozy winter costumes. Is there a plan to rotate the costumes?

Dev Response

We will do all in our power to ensure that the newest costumes and content are made available as quickly as possible on the World server, which will unquestionably give the server a better sense of freshness when it comes to these kinds of updates.


We support the idea of getting rid of the “Seasonal Trend”, and as part of our commitment to this idea, the “Paradise” Swimsuit costume that was released on the Closers Korea server this year will also be released more quickly on the World server than it normally would be. However, we would like to ask for your patience on this matter because we also have structural challenges to address before we can bring forward any costume updates.


In addition to that, we assure you that we will return even more of our older costumes to the Union store. We will prioritize your suggestions, such as Sailor, Ninja, All-Star, Pirate, and Noble. Meanwhile, the Shaman costume was recently on sale during the past patch update.


Please know that we always welcome any additional recommendations. You can send it to Customer Support, where we often collect feedback and ideas.


More topics regarding Costume Conversion Failure costumes need to be covered. As soon as we have news to share with you, we’ll let you know.


► In-game Updates Related

  • I discovered that Silvy’s Prime Agent skill is based on the Global version’s outdated version. There were numerous complaints about it, thus it has now been upgraded to the current one.

    Another aspect is the latest roadmap announcement of the “Signature costume conversion 100% success” feature update. This feature was only introduced on September 7th in the Korean server, but Global has already made it available.

    It’s either that some updates are coming out much faster while all older content is coming out much slower or that some should have been updated to the latest version but continue to use the old version despite numerous complaints. Could you please clarify more about it?

  • The only thing that distinguishes this server is Thanksgiving, which was brought over from the Korean server, and Black Friday, which is now just a big sales event. For a server that caters to multi-region playerbases, shouldn’t there be more incorporated celebrations or efforts to make Thanksgiving events stand out? For example, Japan has Golden Week and Korea has Chuseok events.

  • Closers Korea server will soon get a QOL update for raids that allows players to depart after defeating the main boss without having to “alt+f4”. Would it be possible to implement this update on World server ahead of schedule?

Dev Response

To begin, we would like to point out that not all systems and not every piece of Closers content follows the same structure. Some of them can be put into place in each region at the same time, while others can’t.


Based on this difference, we will do our best to roll out some updates as quickly as possible in order to give all agents a better gaming experience, regardless of the system’s structure or the frequent content gaps.


Your feedback on the update timing has been heard, and we are doing everything in our control to find ways to make the updates available more swiftly. Even though it will take some time, we guarantee that the updates will be made far more efficiently from now on.


As this is a global service, we are currently putting greater emphasis on universality with regard to the world-exclusive event and content. On this point, we agree with you that there needs to be more diversity. Outside of the typical game content, we are going to come up with some new ideas for interesting themes to incorporate into the overall experience.


The QoL improvement related to the ability to leave the raid after defeating the boss is not an update that can be deployed immediately or simultaneously. With regard to this matter, we would ask for your utmost patience till this is ready to be applied on the World server.


► Characters Related Concern

  • Hybrid characters suffer large stat losses because hybrid equipment and damage are weaker than single-type ones. I’m curious as to why there are different types of damage, especially since they affect the game’s balance.

    I want to know if there are plans to make hybrid characters more balanced and/or merge damage types, fix hybrid gear, and recalculate the combat power of hybrid characters.

  • I’m wondering if having many characters to farm consumables, materials, and credits is the game’s intended approach. Running all dungeons with my best-equipped character is often less beneficial for rewards than running another character through a specific set of dungeons. Which makes playing a few characters less rewarding than having a number of dungeon-farming characters.

  • Could the final member of the Rattus team arrive, perhaps early next year?

Dev Response

The character’s power cannot be accurately gauged solely by looking at the numbers associated with their skill damage. In order to create a balance between the character skills, factors like cooldown, casting time, and any special circumstances that may arise after performing a skill are being considered. Aside from the method of balancing, we fully recognize that the existing Hybrid characters are not powerful enough when their TCP is taken into consideration.


We are unable to disclose the specific blueprint for the Hybrid characters at this time. However, we will conduct a thorough review on this topic and reveal how we want to improve the Hybrid characters when the information is ready.


For the next question, we think that the amount of time spent on the different parts of the game could lead to gaining better rewards, and this is especially true when using more than one character.


Please think of each character as one of the many different pieces of content that are included in Closers, and consider that playing a number of them is one of the more enjoyable and gratifying ways to enjoy Closers.


As for the last Rattus member, when we have any information regarding the newest member of the Rattus team, we will be sure to share it with you on our official webpage. Therefore, we ask that you keep an eye out for any additional announcements.


► Closers Player Council

  • What do the Closers’ Player Council members do?

  • What kind of rules should they still follow that only the admins are allowed to do, and what kind of authority do they have to maintain the server itself?

Dev Response

Members of the Closers Player Council often assist the Naddic team in managing the Closers Discord server, reporting bugs, and moderating the Closers community. Any specific details were shared with those who are currently serving on the council. They are expected to treat one another with respect and to provide frequent feedback and suggestions.


The same rules that apply to the players also apply to them, but because they have additional privileges in the official Closers Discord, including the ability to ban or kick users, they must adhere to additional procedures before taking such action. We want to emphasize that they do not possess any unique abilities associated with their accounts within the game. They’re players like you, and we ask that you treat them with the respect that should be extended to other gamers in the community.


Moreover, we would like to use this opportunity to clarify that CPCs are not responsible for determining which updates to apply or when they will be delivered, that obligation remains with Naddic team.


► In-game Item Related Concerns

  • Is it possible for old achievement accessories or rare cosmetic accessory drops from old story dungeons to be easier to obtain, either via vending machines or as event items?

  • Can PVP players trade gold medals for something? My suggestion is to exchange gold medals for something that helps get late-game gear.

  • Can we get more use out of PvP medals or awards from playing PvP?

  • Please add the option of producing necessary consumables with the sea breeze.

  • Can we get more benefit from the Gold Hero Plate?

Dev Response

We are grateful for all of your comments and suggestions regarding the use of the various material items. We assure you that we will expand the use of PVP medals, Gold Hero Plates, and Essence of Sea Breeze in the near future.


When it comes to the old accessories and costumes, we will look for the most popular options while keeping the examples that were given in mind and making them available through different events.


► Past Dev QnA Concerns

  • According to the previous Q&A, there would be considerations for more powerful state effects and cosmetics surrounding legion commanders for players to earn. Has there been any further discussion?

  • Why is communication between a player and a developer useful if another server provides more insight into the future?

  • Instead of being condescending and saying that your input is appreciated but nothing will change, please provide a list of topics or game content that you intend to improve.

Dev Response

There are a lot of topics for which we can’t say for sure when they will be available or when they will be updated.


However, we are confident in telling you that the decisions regarding the next updates and improvements have been made based on the input of Agents from all over the world, not just from the Korea server.


Your suggestions and feedback regarding ways to improve the gameplay are very helpful to the developers as we plan out the updates and take steps to correct any issues. As a result, we would appreciate it very much if you could continue to share your opinions on Closers.


We are going to have a further discussion about how we can make it more clear to you that your input is being taken into account and incorporated into the game.


► Squad Related Concern

  • Is there any other way to encourage squad play? Currently, being in a squad offers a small bonus item found increase.

Dev Response

At this time, we are thinking about different approaches to relieve the pressure that is caused by the squad play, both on the system end and the content end.

Please keep an eye out for this in future updates.


► Dungeons/Item Drops/Rewards

  • Is there any help provided to newer players to help them proceed through dungeons as their gears are prerequisites to the latest raids and dungeons?

  • How will future dungeon drops/rewards be balanced? Why does balancing drops/rewards often lead to the removal of their sources, which is unpleasant?

  • Can you remove the Contamination capsule purifier as the key to enter the purif sectors?

  • Is it feasible to craft or boost the drop rate of epic gears like Athena Warrior, Valhalla, Advancing Gluttony, etc. for newer players?

  • Can you balance the reward for IF – Asmodeus? At least make it slightly better than IF – Beelzebub or just make it same as IF – Beelzebub.

Dev Response

In the Purification Sectors, we are going to take away the item that serves as the entrance key. Thank you for your insightful comments. Please keep in mind that the actual update to the World server will take a while to finish.


We are quite grateful for the thoughtful concerns regarding the new players’ gear farming. In the near future, there are plans to implement an update that will make it possible to receive a full set of gear that is equivalent to those earned by completing legion commander quests. We have the hope that new players will have an easier time overcoming the hurdles.


This reversed situation occurs with regard to the rewards from the Asmodeus IF dungeon, and it is caused by the low value of the Essence of See Breeze item. We are going to expand this item’s range of uses, which will lead to an increase in its overall value.


We have a general understanding of your feedback on the balancing of dungeon rewards and gear. We will be taking a more cautious approach to the item balancing after taking into consideration the insightful comments you have provided.


► Divine Battle

  • Dream Theater seems to be a meaningless hub that you should only visit to complete your task force/black hands mission and collect your trigger. When you can’t even get the scissors in the first place, nobody will bother crafting Dogra or Magra effects, especially beginner players. Additionally, there are no new themes or any efforts to guarantee that DB will be released on time.

Dev Response

We believe that the current Divine Battle is loose to some extent and does not follow the original intention of a point competition between two camps.


We are looking into how we may improve the delivery of the intrinsic fun that comes with this content. After giving it enough time to plan, we would then show the changed part of the content. 


► Enhancement

  • Trinkets and amplifiers don’t offer viable stat improvements at each enhancement level, although the probability of enhancement is the same as the core or module. What is the significance of this if no one wants to use these two components to their maximum potential?

  • Beyond +15, enhanced stat gains diminish, there is no ilvl growth, and the buff voucher need 250 consecutive misses to enter fever time. Should this requirement not be reworked downwards to reflect the scaled down stat gains?

  • Is it possible that the gear booster fortifier can be crafted in some way?

  • Please consider lowering the cost of the Uncommon device or make it a completely free and accessible system.

  • Will enhancement rates be updated so that there is the possibility of +14 -> +16?

Dev Response

We are aware that there are a range of opinions regarding the usefulness of Trinket and Amplifier enhancements, as well as the difficulty of gaining access to the Uncommon Enhancement Transfer Device.


Please bear with us while we have in-depth discussions about this. Rest assured that it will be for the better, and we will reveal the results soon in one of our game updates.


At this time, there are no plans for us to reduce the requirement for Enhancement buff fever, add +2 success to +14 gear enhancement, or provide crafting for Gear Booster Fortifier item.


Having said that, we do understand that you want improvements that are easier to use in general.


We would like to have an approach to this topic in the aspect of default enhancement rate and stats.


We will continue to investigate and develop new ways to make the enhancement more user-friendly while maintaining the value of high enhancement level gears. 


► Events

  • Is there a method to obtain existing characters the gear that jumping characters get? I’ve seen events give out gears before.

Dev Response

We also wanted to provide support for the characters who were already in the game, which is why the Autumn Jumping Support Box is now being made available to every character. 


We will make an effort to provide Jumping events that are both convenient and effective continuously.


► Washing Machine

  • Can we stop discouraging people to cash due to bad costume/accessory draw rate and unsightly tier reward?

  • When are My Room washing machines’ costumes rotated?

Dev Response

With the update that was released on October 12, a system that can supply a “My Character piece selected box” has been updated.


We are going to make the accumulative bonuses for washing machines more flexible by adding more ‘Selectable’ options for you to choose from.


The costume for the My Room Washing Machine has been changed to Training Wolf as of the update that went live on October 12. After a certain interval, we shall carry out the following rotation.


► Game Features

  • Are there plans to expand the in-game command feature such as the ‘/inspect’, and what direction does Naddic plan to take player privacy? For example, will there be a ‘/find’ command to let us know where players are? Will there be a way to keep a profile and/or TCP in-raids private?

  • Are there plans to make it possible to block players based on the mail they send?

  • Have there been any thoughts about extending the Black Market sales duration from 24 hours to something greater (possibly unlimited time)?

  • Will the Black Market have a sort-by-recent-sale option?

  • Has Naddic given any thought into the sale of NCoin vouchers that can be sold on the black market and redeemed directly for NCoin, potentially with some sort of additional repackaging cost for NCoin voucher resale?

  • Are there plans to have a Couple/Marriage system and features?

  • If possible, it would be highly appealing to players if you updated housing/garden boosts to work like platinum status and persist once you activate the elite version until it fully expires instead of deactivating below 30d.

  • Please make sector entry consumed only when we cleared it.

Dev Response

  • The following features are going to receive a favorable evaluation from us.
    • Extension on Black Market sales duration
    • Mail Block (Connect to Messenger Block)
  • We do not presently have any plans to introduce the following features since they might have a negative effect on the game’s economy and community or they might not be compatible with the overall concept of the game. We genuinely hope that everyone will understand.
    • Find player location command
    • N-Coin Voucher item
    • Couple/Marriage System
    • My Room/Farm buff VVIP period adjustment
    • Sector entry check change


► Gear

  • Please describe the thought process going into the creation of a new gear tier grade.
    In summary, please justify why these gears couldn’t be Epic Grade droppable gear instead like Hell Modules.

  • Lv.80-90 has represented about 5+ years worth of Naddic content averaging 4 iterations of gears yet the level gaps between these iterations are barely 2-3 levels apart. This may not be significant for the long-term player, but for new players the EXP per level gap between them can be addressed within a matter of days.

Dev Response

Extra Gears are designed to have a longer lifetime than Legendary Gears.


Their distribution on the server is intentionally limited, but taking into account the size of the player base on the World server, we have adjusted the drop rate accordingly.


The process of obtaining Extra gears will be dualized in an upcoming Legion Commander update in February 2023, making them slightly more accessible to players.


In the future update, completing the relevant quests will reward players with a full set of most of the old gear.


We would like to narrow the content gap that exists between old and new players while simultaneously increasing the number of new players retained, which will ultimately result in a more dynamic server.


Please use the appropriate support channel to communicate any feedback you may have on the gear farming system and new player assistance systems. It would be very much appreciated.


► Skills

  • Will Naddic improve skill descriptions in October’s Character Skill Rebalance patch? In-Game Examples are Sylvi: EX Supercluster, Yuri: Rank 4 Special Move: Invincible Yuri, and Lucy: Special Move: Aratta’s Ruler.

  • Please provide a possibility to adjust flares for skill effects other than requiring a full set.

Dev Response

We’ve updated Yuri’s skill description, and the adjustment will be applied in the next patch update.


We will take care of the imprecise translations, inaccuracies, and insufficient skill descriptions. Please let us know through Support Inquiry if you have any current issues about a particular skill description, and we’ll look into it more.


At this time, we are having a hard time making changes to the effects of skills. We are sorry that we are unable to provide you with a satisfactory response.


► Others

  • Since the roadmap announced about the main website renewal, will the Discord server also get a similar upgrade treatment?

  • Regarding the Player Conference that happened last 2021. There are many implemented contents, however some aren’t. Even a year after the conference, some unavailable content has no clear schedule.

  • How interested is Naddic in the concept of player retention?

  • I understand that Naddic does not plan to bring back AOS, but do the assets still form a part of the client files? If so, are there any issues in removing it entirely?

Dev Response

We will explore the possibilities of enhancing the functionality of Discord in any way that is available to us. If you have any suggestions that you would want to pass along, you can send them to our Customer Support team or discuss them with any of our Closers Player Council members, who will then share your thoughts with the rest of the team.


Even if many of the promises made regarding the KR player conference have been fulfilled, there are still a few topics that require further time to evaluate. Regarding the subject at hand, we would humbly request your kind patience.


We are concerned about player retention and a pleasant gaming experience. That is mostly all we care about. There may be instances where your expectations are not satisfied, but please keep in mind that we plan out updates, events, and sales in order to offer you with the best game experience possible.


Although there are no plans to relaunch AOS, the client files cannot simply be removed because they are relevant to the other contents as well. We will work hard to optimize the game client, as we have always done.