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    Closers Player Council – New Batch!
  • 2022-10-20 09:25

Closers Player Council – New Batch!

The recruitment for the Closers Player Council is finally over, and here are the updates for the new batch of CPC!

Hello there, Agents.


We sincerely thank everyone who applied for the Closers Player Council. Each entry was carefully reviewed, and we are pleased to see the applicants’ eagerness to support the Closers player community and willingness to go the extra mile for Closers.


It was difficult for us to select only five applicants from the pool, but we believe that these players will make valuable contributions to the new Closers Player Council.

Let’s welcome the new Closers Player Council Batch 2!

Spotted Garden Eel#0569

We are excited to work with the new batch and help each other build a stronger player community.


All new batch CPC members will be invited to our exclusive Closers Player Councils Discord channel using the Discord account ID provided during registration. To all CPC members, please stay tuned for more information on that channel.


We want to say once more how much we appreciate every Agent who applied for this chance!


Don’t worry! By sending us your feedback and suggestions via Customer Support, anyone can collaborate and can share your thoughts for Closers.


Also, if you haven’t yet joined the official Closers Discord server, click the image below for an invite!