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    June 29th Update Patch Notes
  • 2022-06-29 05:00

June 29th Update Patch Notes


 ▶ Mock Battle Renewal

  • Added 2 new boss type
    • DEEPSEA Boss, ‘Vasuki’
    • INSECTAN Boss, ‘Master of Poison
  • The battle runs on weekly basis from now on.

 ▶ Squad Matching Improvement

  • Squad Matching System is improved.
  • You can join a squad from almost anywhere, regardless of channel or town.
  • Clicking Squad Menu(F3) opens a list of created squads, except secret squads.
  • Squads that are full do not appear on the list, but can be searched.
  • Squad name can be from 2 ~ 30 letters.
  • Characters appear in squad info in the order of creation.
  • Squad Menu(F3) UI is changed.
  • A function of searching squad name and squad leader is added.
  • Searching a squad has 5 seconds of cooldown.
  • When clicking Squad Menu(F3), squads appear in the order of creation and the searched list is renewed by reopening it in 5 seconds.
  • When opening Squad Menu(F3), the initial list of squads don’t renew automatically before reopening UI after 5 seconds or searching again.
  • Squad Menu(F3) doesn’t open together with the following UI:
    UNION CAMP/Selfie Mode/UNION Arena/Investigation Group UI/Chip Inventory/Key Bindings/Character Selection/Channel Change
  • Squad Invite System is improved.
  • ‘List of Received Invitations’ in Squad Menu(F3) shows a list of received invitations.
  • ‘List of Received Invitations’ is available only when you are not in a squad, and if ‘Block All Squad Invitations’ is activated, you won’t get invitations anymore.
  • There is a cooldown of 15 seconds for a leader to invite a same character.
  • Investigation Group System is improved.
  • Regardless of channels and towns, all players can join a created investigation Group.
  • When opening the Investigation Group menu, the list shows Investigation Groups in the order of creation, and there is a cooldown of 5 seconds when successful joining through auto matching.
  • Investigation Group UI that pops up after clearing Investigation Group does show the group leader anymore.
  • Investigation Group UI that pops up after clearing Investigation Group the group leader’s function to move members among squads is removed.

  ▶ Item Farming Improvement

  • Some recipes are added to Crafting Maching in Busan – Nampo-dong.
  • Muscular/Devotion Bug Lump can now be crafted with ‘Busan Protection Certificate’.
  • ‘Locust Hell’ gears can be exchanged with ‘Transcendent Locust Hell’ gears.
  •  Materials for ‘Go, Scarlet Scorpions!’ title are changed.
  • Farming in [Meet with Legion Commander : Lust King Asmodeus] is improved.
  • Materials for ‘Ocean King Trigger’ are changed to be easier.
  • Materials for ‘Condensed [Trigger] Ocean King’s Transcendence Stone’ are changed to be easier.
  • Materials for ‘Roughly First-sewn Ocean Clothes’ are changed to be easier.
  • The crafting limit for Traitor’s Yoke is removed.
  • Recipes for Traitor’s Yoke are trimed down to one as the above change.

  ▶ Skill Tooltip Improvement

  • Tooltips for several skills are improved. 
  • Some skills of characters become easier to understand.
  • Descriptions for some active skills are changed only while those of Ex, Mastery, Passive, Combat Dodge, and Cancel skills remain the same.
  • But tooltips for Ex, Mastery, Passive skills will be changed later.

  ▶ Hair Costume Dyeing System

  • Hair Dyeing system is added.
  • A system to change your hair costume color is added.
  • Hairs that are available for dyeing show the information in their tooltip.
  • Hairs that are not available for dyeing don’t have the info.
  • An icon of dyed hair shows its changed color.
  • Some hairs cannot be dyed and the list is as follows:
Yuri’s Icon Hair (Ver.HW)
J’s High Tide Helmet
Davy Jone White Hair
Yuri’s Icon Hair
Asmodeus Black & White Hair
Transparent Dimensional Hat
Time-Limited Hair
  • Hair Costume Bleach system is added.
  • ‘Bleach’ recovers an original color of an hair costume.
  • Bleach costs credit.
  • How to Dye/Bleach hair costume
  • Please follow the instructions below:
    1. Use ‘Hair Dyeing Ampoule’ or ‘Selectable Hair Dyeing Ampolue’ in inventory
    2. Through Costume NPCs (Dr. Jung, Ara, Suji Jeo, Count D, etc)
  • Hair Costume Dyeing is separated into ‘Random Color’ and ‘Selectable Color’.
  • ‘Random Color Dyeing’ costs ‘Hair Color Ampoule’, and it chooses a random color under a same rate (Each color has an identical rate) 
  • ‘Selectable Color Dyeing’ costs ‘Selectable Hair Dyeing Ampoule’, and it chooses a color of your choice.
  • You can bleach an already dyed hair costume through ‘Bleach’ button in Dyeing UI.
       ※ Be careful when dyeing/bleaching hair costume because the process is irreversible.
  • Cautions for dyeing/bleaching hair costume:
  • Packaged hair costumes are unpacked during the process.
  • Successful upgrading/converting a dyed hair costume will remove the color.
  • Repacking, Trading in Black Market, Failing to upgrade/Convert don’t remove the color.

  ▶ PNA Mutant EXP Targeting

  • PNA Mutant EXP Targeting system is added.
  • ‘PNA Mutant EXP Targeting’ system enables focusing PNA EXP to a certain Mutant Type.
  • Mutant type that is ‘EXP Targeted’ can earn EXP with priority than other ‘activated’ types.
  • ‘PNA Mutant EXP Targeting’ only applies a single Mutant type at a time.
  • It cannot be applied to an already maxed out type, and the setting will automatically be OFF when the selected Mutant type reaches its max level.

  ▶ Levia Skill Improvement

  • Levia’s skills are improved.
Skill Change Info
Flash of Pain The attack range is increased.
Serpent’s Waltz [Dragon’s Will]’s attack range is increased.
EX Dimensional Singularity Back Attack / Chase become guaranteed.
EX Fang Stab The skill continues to be casted even without clicking the button.
Empowered State [Dragon’s Will] isn’t casted from time to time – Fixed
Hell’s Trap – Sphere of Terror The casting time is slightly improved.

  ▶ Investigation Group Voting to Expel

  • A system to vote for expelling a member is added to Investigation Group.
  • Investigation Group Expelling Vote system is designed to maintain a stable dungeon run by expelling unwanted members.
  • There are Voting Host and a target member to expel and the rest will be voters.
  • The vote runs except the target member for 3 minutes and the expelling requires unanimity.
  •  There is a cooldown of 10 minutes for the expelling vote in Investigation Group.

  ▶ Mock Battle Improvement

  • Mock Battle system is improved.
  • Mock Battle Bosses can be defeated. (doable for those of 15 million TCP)
  • Mock Battle score is calculated based on a time that it takes to defeat a boss. (The time limits are same as before)
  • Mock Battle now runs ‘Weekly’ not by season, and the highest score will determine the weekly rank and agent rank.
  •  Mock Battle Rank is reset at 04:00 on Saturdays UTC.
  •  Mock Battle Entrance per character changes : 1 -> 3 times.
  • Mock Battle reward is changed.
  • The reward for both Mock Battle Rank and Clear are obtainable only for the character that defeated a boss, and if it fails to defeat a boss, there will be no rank or rewards.
    · Rank Reward : varies depending a weekly rank(%) before every reset at 04:00 on Saturdays UTC
    · Clear Reward : can be earned once a week by defeating a boss(1 time per week and per account)
  •  ‘Training Token’ is added to Mock Battle rewards, which can be used in Crafting Machine to craft various items.
  • ‘Training Wolf [D Type]’ is added to UMP Shop.


Hair Dyeing Accumulative Login

  • Event Period: June 29, 2022 Maintenance ~ July 13, 2022 Maintenance

► Mock Battle UNION Pass

  • Event Period: June 29, 2022 Maintenance ~ July 27, 2022 Maintenance

July Closers Day

  • Event Period: July 2, 2022 ~ July 3, 2022
    • Accumulative Login
    • Closers Day Special Buff 

The events below will be removed after the maintenance:

  • Fireworks Festival

  • Bamboo Forest Event

  • Pre-Summer Event



Hair Dyeing Ampoule

  • Sales Period: June 29, 2022 maintenance ~ Permanent
  • Sales Info:

Product Name 


Purchase Restriction 

Discount Rate

Hair Dyeing Ampoule 




Hair Dyeing Ampoule X100 




Hair Dyeing Ampoule X200 




Mock Battle UNION Pass

  • Sales Period: June 29, 2022 maintenance ~ July 27, 2022 maintenance

Mock Battle Renewal Package

  • Sales Period: June 29, 2022 maintenance ~ July 13, 2022 maintenance

Eternal Covenant Costume Package

  • Sales Period: June 29, 2022 maintenance ~ Permanent
  • For Seha ~ Seth

JULY Closers Day Package

  • Sales Period: June 29, 2022 maintenance ~ July 05, 2022 maintenance

The sales below will be removed after the maintenance:

  • Firecracker Unit Sale & Package
  • Weekend Firecracker Special Product
  • CMC
  • Pre-Summer Chain Discount


► Imperial Guard Washing Machine

  • Sales Period: June 29, 2022 maintenance ~ August 10, 2022 maintenance
  • For Yuri, Misteltein, Levia, Violet, Wolfgang, Soma
  • New for Cheolsu Kim, Mirae, Eunha, Lucy 
  • Multiple Chance! 

8th Pet Transmitter – Omega Knight

  • Sales Period: June 29, 2022 maintenance ~ September 21, 2022

Hair Costume Transmitter

  • Sales Period: June 29, 2022 maintenance ~ July, 27, 2022 maintenance

The sales below will be removed after the maintenance:

  • Midnight Crusader Washing Machine
  • Signature/Unique Chest Transmitter


  • Names of Awakening Cubes are changed to be more easily understood.
  • ‘Audience with Legion Commander: Ocean King Asmodeus’s achivement time is changed.
  • The number of crops that can be owned in Farm is increased.
  • Super Armor Crash is removed from the marching skill of Mock Battle DEEPSEA Boss monster.
  • Investigation Group UI for claiming rewards is improved.
    • After clearing Investigation Group, you can choose whether to get the rewards in the Operation Clear UI that pops up by clicking a Legion Commander with activated rewards.
    • ‘Close’ button is added to Operation Clear UI.
  • There are changes on the conditions of server message :
    • Successful enhancement of +14 or higher
    • Successful conversion of Unique Costumes
    • Successful enhancement of Fused Phase Wings of +7 or higher
  • There are changes on the List of ‘Tip’ that appears during loadings.
  • Damages of ‘Great Dr. Gremory’ and ‘Ultimate Dr. Gremory’ in Gremory dungeon are lowered.
  • Squad system is improved.
    • Clicking Enter with Squad Menu UI opened will open chant window.
    • Notice UI opens when there is Squad Invitation or Request to join.
  • The condition to learn EX Skills for Black Lambs/Wolfdogs/Wildhüter is changed.
    • EX Skills can be learned at skill level 10 ->1.
    • With the above change, the level conditions of some skills are changed for Jumping Characters.
    • With the above change, all character skills of Black Lambs/Wolfdogs/Wildhüter are reset.
  • Name of Some Weapon costumes for Sylvi/Levia are changed.
  •  Power/Defense of Monsters in ‘Machine King : Belphegor’ quest dungeon are lowered.
  • Maximum number of ‘Slot Type Modification Tool’ that can be held is changed to 9,999.
  • Legion Commander’s trinket buff effect and how it shows are separated.
    • If buffs of Lusty Trinkets and Sloth Trinkets are activated in dungeon, the effects show separately.
    • How to show the buffs in dungeon is changed only, while the effects remain the same.
  • Enhancement Transfer system UI is changed.
    • A list of all items available for Enhancement Transfer towards a registered item is added to the left side of the Transfer UI.
  • The following visual frame tickets can now be destructible:
Item Name
Visual Frame Ticket: Christmas Decoration Visual Frame Ticket: Outflowing Sweetness
Visual Frame Ticket: Closer School Visual Frame Ticket: Aloha Island
  • Journal is available even if Centum City Winter Night View quest is not completed.
  • Enhancement Transfer is available from Lusty Trinket to Sloth Trinket.
  • The instruction of ‘Cancel’ is removed from Tutorial along with the monster.
  • Extreme Fighter Buff is changed:
Category Previous Current
Buff Effect No change
Reset 4:00 AM everyday
Daily Use Limit 1 time 4 times
Duration 5 Hours 6 Hours
Cost None

1 time: None
2 time: 40,000 Credit
3 time 80,000 Credit
4 time 120,000 Credit

  • Mock Battle Costume crafting materials required in Planar Gate are reduced:
    • ‘Challenging Eyes’, ‘Challenging Will’ costumes require ‘Chromatic Phase Essence’ not ‘Condensed Dimensional Essence’.
    • As the above change, the amount of required materials is changed:
    • Challenging Eyes : Chromatic Phase Essence x10
    • Challenging Will : Chromatic Phase Essence x15
  • You can now donate to your crew in hubs even if you are not in Crew Hangout.
  • A guide appears when you try to enter a dungeon without completing its prerequisite mission.
    • An info guide for a prerequisite mission appears when you try to enter a dungeon as solo with its prerequisite mission not completed.
    • Additional guide in case of a member in your squad who didn’t complete a prerequisite mission will be added later.

Bug Fixes

  • Meeting the conditions of Drop Extra gear/obtaining Shining Star costume by costume conversion allows unlimited purchase of Vultures Package -> Fixed to 1 time purchase.
  • When trying a queue for 3 vs 3 Arena Brawl while in a squad, a error of cannot enter appears. -> Fixed
  • The laser in the dungeon of ‘The Nucleus of the Machine’ is mislocated. -> Fixed
  • It is fixed to input only numerics to the amount box when opening box items.
  • When equipping Mirae/Cheolsu’s Draconian Left Wing and Draconian Right Wing, the modeling becomes weird -> Fixed
  • Tina/Seth’s teeth become strange -> Fixed
  • When coming back from Mutant UI to PNA UI, a guide for material source for Evolution/Enhancement is missing -> Fixed
  • In case you are not in a same channel of your squad leader, PNA Mutant is not automatically applied -> Fixed
  • When entering a dungeon after squad matching, the team buff is not applied to the members -> Fixed
  • Some recipes are missing from crafting machine in Dream Theater . -> Fixed
  • Fly King’s Machinations mission in Dream Theater  are missing from Journal. -> Fixed
  • A button to close in Investigation Group Reward pop up doesn’t work. -> Fixed
  • In UNION Arena (PVP) Brawl, opposition characters don’t show correctly. -> Fixed
  • When trying ‘Follow Channel’ while in a squad and getting out of the squad, ‘Follow Channel’ doesn’t work. -> Fixed
  • After inviting someone to a squad through Messanger, if the one accept the invitation while you are in the middle of moving to another channel, the squad info UI is not available. -> Fixed
  • When clearing Investigation Group, the rank doesn’t show correctly. -> Fixed
  • A treasure Chest (Coin)’s effect in ‘Mutation : The Black Trench’ dungeon doesn’t work. -> Fixed
  • After the Press phase in ‘Machine King’s Strategy Analysis Lab’ dungeon, the protection status is not deactivated. -> Fixed
  • In ‘Everyone! Lend me your energy!‘ phase in ‘Gremory’s Science Facility’ dungeon, obtaining stars doesn’t give the effect. -> Fixed
  • Even while in a squad,  UI keeps showing. -> Fixed
  • The system shows that you are still in squad even after you are expelled during loading. -> Fixed
  • If cancelled to enter a dungeon during squad playing, a guide shows a wrong info. -> Fixed
  • Tooltip of Bai’s ‘Freeze!’ has a wrong buff name. -> Fixed
  • Info of buff triggered by Yuri’s ‘Lunging Slash’ is wrong -> Fixed
  • Tooltip of Bai’s ‘Precision Strike’ doesn’t specify ‘Guaranteed Back Attack’. -> Fixed
  • Tooltip of Nata’s ‘Confirmed Kill’ doesn’t specify the damage of ‘Throat Slit’ -> Fixed
  • The attack of the phase of ‘Again! The sky is mine!’ in Ancient Dragon’s Prison Castle dungeon remains even after the phase is over. -> Fixed
  • Investigation Group reward grade appears as ‘E’ regardless of contribution point rank. -> Fixed
  • PNA EXP doesn’t get obained even after clearing a dungeon. -> Fixed
  • Asmodeus trinket set effect doesn’t get triggered while Slot trinket active skill is in use. -> Fixed
  • Issues in Squad system are solved:
    • While there are lists of invite or Request to join, if you open Squad Menu, UI will open together with the lists.
    • While Squad Menu UI is opened and UI of Invite or Request to join is closed, if a new Invite or Request to join is happened, the list will open automatically.
    • More detailed info will be provided in case of failure to invite a member.
    • In a situation where character A requests to join a squad and switches to character B, if the squad leader accepts the request, character B is joined. -> Fixed