• Notice

    IP is Wrong Website Error
  • 2021-01-07 06:24

Good day Agents!

We received your reports about the “IP is wrong” error message when logging into the website. We humbly request for your Public IP Address via Support Mail. This will truly help us with the issue!

You may send this through email support.


      • After the security update, please know that the “IP is wrong” notice occurs to some users who try to log-in to the Closers website. This notice usually appears when you are logging in from a Blocked region. Please see Where can I play Closers? article.
      • However, if you are receiving this error and you are not logging-in from a restricted region, please contact us via CS support email and provide us your IP address. We will review it further and discuss what caused this to appear on the account. Send a CS email to or Email us at

Thank you and we hope for your cooperation everyone!