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    January 6 Update Patch Notes
  • 2021-01-06 12:23

1. Cheolsu Update

Cheolsu’s Resolver Promotion has been added.

    • Cheolsu Resolver Promotion will be available on ‘The Situation in Busan – What happened’ Quest Clear.
    • Cheolsu’s Max Level is Expanded to 88.

▶ Cheolsu can now enter ‘Ancient Dragon Historical Site’.

    • Ancient Dragon Historical Site Area is located on Original Dimensional Ops Center and can be entered with 85 or higher level Character.
    • ‘Ancient Dragon Historical Site’ Area can be entered by proceeding the quest of Busan – Nampo-dong Area NPC Don Kim, Soohyun Min.

▶ Cheolsu can now enter <Busan – Nampo-dong> Area.

    • Cheolsu <Busan – Nampo-dong> Area Quest is added.

▶ Cheolsu can now enter the Raid Dungeon [Legion Commander Meeting: Glutton King Beelzebub].

▶ Cheolsu Resolver Item Option has been added on Purification Module.

2. Eroding Mist Gangnam Update

▶ New Dungeon [Eroding Mist – Misty Gangnam] is added.

    • [Misty Gangnam] Dungeon can be entered through Gangnam GGV Area.
    • Gangnam GGV Area that Rattus team can enter has been added.
    • ‘Identity of the Mist – Emergency’ Quest can proceed through NPC in Hunter’s Night Area.
    • [Misty Gangnam] Dungeon will be selected randomly among 6 types of Gangnam GGV Area Dungeon.
    • [Misty Castle] ‘Phase Change Kit’ Item will be consumed on Dungeon Entrance and can be crafted through MatterMixer.
    • [Misty Castle] ‘Changing Remains’ can be acquired on Dungeon Clear.

▶ ‘Phasic Reactor : Item added in Misty Gangnam. 

    • [Misty Gangnam] ‘Phasic Reactor: Misty Gangnam’ Item that can be crafted through Dungeon is added.
    • ‘Phasic Reactor: Misty Gangnam’ Item and ‘Phasic Reactor: Misty Castle’ Item can be used simultaneously.
    • ‘Phasic Reactor’ Item’s effect will be applied in every Eroding Mist Dungeon from now on.
    • ‘Phasic Reactor’ Item can be crafted on enhanced through ‘Changing Remains’ Item.
    • The special effects according to the level of the ‘Phasic Reactor’ Item are as follows.


Cheolsu Max LV Expansion & Event

    • Cheolsu Exclusive Attendance Event has been added.
    • Rattus Resolver Costume Package is added on Cheolsu Exclusive <Gunpowder> MatterMixer.

Misty Gangnam Release Celebration Event

    • Misty Gangnam Release Celebration Attendance Event for All Character is added.

Agents of The Year Support Appreciation Event

    • Event Period: 2020-01-06 maintenance ~ 2021-01-20 maintenance
    • Transcendental Elixir x3 will be provided to the mailbox of the character to log in for the first time during the Event Period.

Cash Shop

▶ Cash Shop New Product

      • [2021] NEW YEAR +14 Guaranteed Package
      • [2021] NEW YEAR Enhancement Package
      • [2021] NEW YEAR Shining Package
      • [2021] NEW YEAR Transcendence Package
    • Fashionable Punisher Irina costume is now available for Mirae!
    • Sales Period: January 6, 2021 onwards
    • Item Name Price
      Punisher Irina Jumpsuit (2-star) 990
      Punisher Irina Ash-blonde Hair (2-star) 990

▶ Cash Shop End Product

    • Migration Celebration Chain Discount
    • Winter Holiday Package
    • Mirae Punisher Irina Costume Premium Package

Washing Machine

▶ Washing Machine New Product

      • Available Characters: Seha, Sylvi, Yuri, Nata, Harpy, Tina, Violet, Bai, Seth, Mirae, and Cheolsu.

▶ Washing Machine End Product

    • Checkered Flag
    • White Suit


Transmitter End Product

    • Christmas Golden Transmitter


▶ Promising Closer Title is changed into Account Bounded.

▶ XignCode Error Hotfix Compensation (Dec 31)

Compensation Items:

    • Elite Status Voucher (3-Days) x1
    • Maid Service Voucher (3-Days) x1
    • Gardening Voucher (3-Days) x1
    • Sector Pass Selection Box x3
      • Obtain Period: 2021-01-06 ~ 2021-01-13

▶ Temporary MA Compensation (Dec 18)

Compensation Items:

    • Elite Status Voucher (1-Day) x1
    • Maid Service Voucher (1-Day) x1
    • Gardening Voucher (1-Day) x1
    • Fast Duel Recovery Capsule x10
      • Obtain Period: 2021-01-06 ~ 2021-01-13

reCAPTCHA System Added

This is to inform you that during the server maintenance, we will be adding a reCAPTCHA feature on our website. You will encounter this during your log-in to the website confirming if you are a bot or not. This system will help to protect the website from spam and block automated software while helping you enter the site with ease.