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    N-coins Bonus Issue [Resolved]
  • 2020-11-25 09:12

Hello Agents,

We have detected that the bonus N-coins by purchasing to the web is not properly applied to the account.

On Nov 26th 15:00 UTC (Nov 25th 22:00 PST), all users who have purchased from the web N-coins charge will obtain their N-coins bonus.


      • We ask for your patience as the fix for the bonus N-coins will have a delay, however, the team’s target to fix it within 24hrs.
      • As of Nov 26th at 7:50 AM (Nov 25th at 23:50 PM), the issue with the N-coins bonus has been resolved. The proper N-coins bonus amount should reflect in your account after purchasing on the web charge site. For agents who purchased N-coins before the fix has been applied, it will automatically be added to your accounts very soon.
      • Update as of Nov 26th at 9:15 AM UTC (1:00 AM PST), all users who purchased before Nov 26th at 7:50 AM (Nov 25th at 23:50 PM) should have their N-coins bonus added to the account.

Thank you for your understanding.