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    November 19 Update Patch Notes
  • 2020-11-18 10:34

November 19 Update Patch Notes

Game Content

1.) Mirae Update

      • Mirae Resolver Promotion is added.
          • Mirae Resolver Promotion will be available when ‘EP. 25 Mind of Collection – An Ephemeral Thing’ is cleared.
          • Mirae Maximum Level is expanded to 86.

2.) Mirae Resolver Skill List

      • Class: Resolver
Skill/Cube Name Detail
Ruler of the Darkness
The buff [Guide of Darkness] is enhanced to [Ruler of Darkness]. Can be stacked up to 5. When the Special Skill [Shadow Call] is casted, the buff [Twilight] is obtained additionally.
Spread the [Shadow] chasing the enemy around and gives additional damage when [Special Moves Skill] is used. The attack chases maximum 3 enemies, and [Shadow] attacks deal [Crit] / [Direct Damage]and count as [Air Strike / Back Attack / Chase].The damage increases as the level of the skill [Shadow Call] and [Special Move Skill] are combined.
Waiting for dawn
Summons [Darkness Thorn] in front.
[Darkness Thorn] counts as Super Armor Crash Level 5] and Air Strike / Back Attack], and the Crit Damage Resistance of the target damaged by [Darkness Thorn] decreases by 15%. Lasts for 15 seconds.
Waiting for dawn: Advance
Enables an additional hit.
Charges forward with 3 slashes and delivers a fierce series of blade strikes to deal additional damage.
Gains [Invincibility] during this attack.
Waiting for dawn: Expert
After casting [Shadow Call], if the skill [Waiting for Dawn] is casted, [Shadow] casts the same skill toward the direction Mirae is facing.
[Shadow] attacks deal [Crit] / [Direct Damage] and count as [Air Strike / Back Attack / Chase]. It only applies once after casting [Shadow Call]
Waiting for dawn: Master
Additional Hit – Blade Explosion inflicts increased damage as [Direct Damage].
Dewdrop Scatter
Rushes forwards fiercely.
Gets [Invincible] effect during the skill [Dewdrop Scatter], and all attacks count as [Air Strikes].
After rushing, attacks all the enemies around by releasing [Shadow].[Shadow] attack deals [Critical] / [Direct Damage]and counts as [Air Strike / Back Attack / Chase].
Dewdrop Scatter: Advance
Pressing the skill key again within 7 seconds launches [Additional Hit – Starlight Flutter].
Attacks enemies from the [Ground] but counts as [Air strike].
Dewdrop Scatter: Expert
[Additional Hit – Fluttering Dewdrops] counts as [Chase],
and [Additional Hit – Dewdrop Splitter] as [Back Attack / Chase].
Dewdrop Scatter: Master
Casts [Shadow – Sunset Cavort] to inflict additional damage to enemies hit by [Additional Hit – Dewdrop Splitter].
[Shadow] attacks deal [Crit] / [Direct Damage]and count as [Air Strike / Back Attack / Chase].The level of [Shadow Call] affects the amount of damage dealt. [Shadow] chases down as many as 7 enemies.
Execute a wild attack Counts as [Back Attack / Chase], and decreases incoming damage by 80% for its duration.
Daybreak: Advanced
Enables an additional attack.
[Additional Hit – Daybreak Slash] deals [Crit] / [Direct Damage] and counts as [Back Attack / Chase]
Daybreak: Expert
After casting [Shadow Call], if the skill [Daybreak] is casted, [Shadow] faces Mirae and casts [Wild Slash].
[Shadow] attacks deal [Crit] / [Direct Damage] and count as [Air Strike / Back Attack / Chase]. It only applies once after casting [Shadow Call].
Daybreak: Master
Inflicts 25% more damage on targets with 50% or less HP. [Shadow] does not apply
Special Move: Curtain of Shadows
Releases the power inside[Darkness] gets down and [Darkness Thorn] and [Shadow] cover up the reality.
Becomes [Invincible] for its duration.
Special Move: Curtain of Shadows: Advanced
All attacks count as [Back Attacks/Chase].
Special Move: Curtain of Shadows: Expert
Releases the [Darkness],immediately recovering 50% [HP, MP, Phase Force].
Special Move: Curtain of Shadows: Master
Increases Armor Crash level by 1 and damage by 30%.

3.) Achievement related to Mirae Promotion is added.

4.) Mirae can now enter Hunter’s Night/Dream Theater/Dream Theater<Reverse> Areas.

      • Quests for Mirae in Hunter’s Night/Dream Theater/Dream Theater<Reverse> Areas are added.
      • Mirae can now enter raid Dungeon [Audience with Legion Commander: Fly King Beelzebub].

5.) Demons’ Night Trinket for Mirae is added.

6.) Resolver Skill Option is added to Mirae Purification Module set effect.


1.) Mirae Resolver Event

<Old Bandage> recipe is added to MatterMixer for Mirae release Event.

Material Amount Craft Result Result Amount Craft Restriction
20 Shadow Raven [Event] 1 Once per character
80 Team Rattus Fixer Package (1-star, Unlimited) 1 Once per account

2.) New Event Dungeon [Grain Harvester/Grain Protector] is added.

      • [Grain Harvester/Grain Protector] Dungeon Event will proceed from November 19th maintenance ~ December 17th maintenance.
      • New Event Dungeon [Grain Harvester/Grain Protector] is updated. (1 Daily entrance per character for each Dungeon)
          • [Grain Harvester/Grain Protector] can be entered by the Thanksgiving Event Dungeon entry located in Planar Gate.
          • Below Items can be acquired by clearing [Grain Harvester/Grain Protector] or defeating Monsters inside.
      • Event Dungeon related Craft List is Added.
          • Various Consumables, Material, Costume Item can be Crafted.
          • Event Dungeon exclusive Random Box/Mascot can be Crafted.

3.) Thanksgiving Celebration Event will Proceed. (Event Period: 2020-11-24 04:00 ~ 2020-12-03 03:59 UTC)

If the Accumulative Login during the Event Period is achieved, a reward can be obtained in Event UI.

Day Item Name Amount
1st Day Moonlight Token 20
2nd Day Gear Booster I 10
3rd Day Roast Turkey 10
4th Day Enhancement Fortifier 1
5th Day Mini Awakened Tiamat Pet Adult Container 1

4.) Weekend Accumulative Login Celebration Event will proceed.

Date Login Time Item Name Amount
Nov 21th (Sat) Login Phase Stabilizer 10
30 M UNION Gear Lubricant 3
60 M Fly King’s Wish 3
120 M Normal D Component : Gear 1
180 M Advanced D Component : Gear 1
Nov 22th (Sun) Login Phase Fiber 30
30 M Advanced Phase Fiber 20
60 M Splendid Phase Fiber 5
120 M Normal D Component : Costume 1
180 M Draconian Synchro Fiber 1
Nov 28th (Sat) Login Luck Stabilizer 10
30 M T1 Color Chip Selection Box(Trade False) 2
60 M Apocalypse Thorn 50
120 M Slot Type Modification Tool 1
180 M Apocalypse Essence 3
Nov 29th (Sun) Login Pet Food 10
30 M Reanimator 20
60 M Gear Booster I 10
120 M Pet Core 30
180 M Enhancement Fortifier 1

Cash Shop

1.) Thanksgiving Package (2020-11-19 ~ 2020-12-03)

2.) Mirae Black Suit (2020-11-19 ~ 2020-12-17)

3.) Black Friday Special Product Sale

Washing Machine

1.) Checkered Flag (2020-11-19 ~ 2021-01-07)

2.) White Suit (2020-11-19 ~ 2021-01-07)


1.) Fly King’s body Free Pass exchange is added to MatterMixer

2.) Steam Login synchronized