• Event

    Grain Harvest Event Dungeon
  • 2020-11-18 10:48

The moonlight shines brightly and the terror creeps in with the new Grain Harvester Dungeon.

Are you brave enough to conquer the challenge?

Event period: 2020-11-19 ~ 2020-12-17 UTC

Enter to Grain Harvester Dungeon through in Planar Gate once daily for each dungeon.

Acquire Moonlight Tokens from dungeon clear and monster drop to craft various items. You could also have a chance to crafted an exclusive Random Box/Mascot!

Moonlight Token Amount Needed Craft Item Craft Restriction
5 x1 Resurrection Capsule X3 Once per account per day
10 x5 Roasted Turkey Once per character per day
20 x1 Special Ops Selection Box Ver.1.1 Once per account per week
20 x1 Normal D Component: Gear 5 times per account
30 x1 Normal D Component: Costume 5 times per account
50 x10 Gear Booster I Twice per account
20 x1 Straw Hat (Back) [Event] Once per character
20 x1 Dinner on the Fly [Event] Once per character
20 x1 Moon Mask [Event] Once per character
20 x1 Show Me The Money [Event] Once per character
20 x1 Ruby Earrings [Event] Once per character
40 x1 Scarecrow Mascot Once per account
40 x1 Thanksgiving Rice Cake Party Once per account
40 x1 Mini Moon Bunny Adult Container Once per character
80 x1 Enhancement Fortifier Twice per account
100 x1 S Guaranteed D Component: Gear Once per account

What you grind now, you will harvest later so hurry while this event is still available!