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    New Costume [CHECKERED FLAG] Arrived!
  • 2020-11-16 06:45

Buckle Up and Start Your Engine!

New stunning outfits and accessories for Sylvi, Levia, Harpy, Luna, Bai, and Mirae are now available in the Washing Machine for a limited time only!

You’ll also get an exclusive illustration when you completed six Checkered Flag items including the accessory.

Sale Period: November 19, 2020 ~ January 7, 2020 UTC

[Appearing Costume]
Appearing for all 6 characters
[Appearing Rare Accessory][Full Set Specification]
A/B/C Type Full Set
2-star Costume Piece:DraconianFull Set Box Component for each Type
Checkered Flag Hair A/B/CDraconian Circlet [Rare]Checkered Flag Hair
Checkered Flag Chest A/B/CDraconian Scales [Rare]Checkered Flag Chest
Checkered Flag Legs A/B/CDraconian Eye [Rare]Checkered Flag Legs
Checkered Flag Feet A/B/CDraconian Wings [Rare]Checkered Flag Feet
2-star Accessory Piece: Checkered Flag Hands
Checkered Flag Umbrella A Type Checkered Flag Umbrella
Checkered Flag Umbrella B Type  
Checkered Flag Umbrella C Type  
AmountBonus ItemAmount
50Checkered Flag Costume Piece Random Box1 (Accessory not included, Random 1 among All Piece)
100Checkered Flag Costume Piece Random Box2 (Accessory not included, Random 1 among All Piece)
150S/A D Component: Costume1
200Advanced D Component: Costume10
250Checkered Flag My character Piece Random Box2 (Accessory not included, Random 1 among the piece of my character )
300Checkered Flag Accessory Random Box1
400Draconian Accessory Random Box1
500Checkered Flag Full Set Random Box1 (Random 1 among A, B, C Type)
800SS Guaranteed D Component: Gear1
1000SS Guaranteed D Component: Costume1
Washing Machine Accumulative Purchase Reward