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    Closers Official Website is Now OPEN!
  • 2020-10-28 05:45

Hello Agents,

The official Closers World server website is now open! Exciting news and fun contents are waiting for you.

You can download the full client in advance by clicking [GAME START] seen in the upper right part of

the website.

Or Download the game client here: [Client Download]

Join us as we celebrate our server re-opening on November 5th. Time to jump back with new volumes,

content, and system renewals.

System Upgrades

64bits Client

An upgrade that gives you a superb gaming experience.

Closers Global Server is upgraded to 64-bit. This allows you to have a more pleasant game environment

where you could enjoy your gameplay in high resolution.

This update gives new changes that utilize your system’s hardware, which means that it may also require

to download the latest version of the graphics drivers, NVIDIA, ATI, and INTEL.

In addition, systems that fall below the minimum specs or on a 32-bit operating system will likely experience

issues that may prevent you from playing.

New Character, Mirae!

We welcome the server re-opening to a new character! Meet Mirae, the first member of

the new team ‘Rattus’.

We will soon unveil her sorrowful journey as we go through her storyline.

New Costumes

Don’t miss the Signature Draconian costume and Mirae’s Arcana Joker costume that will be available with

the release of Mirae.

Ancient Dragon Historic Sites – Fully Renewed!

Are you ready to challenge the new Tiamat? Experience the remake of the Dimensional Ops Center area

and challenge a powerful being!

Chip System Renewal

The Chip System has been completely overhauled to improve the convenience and expandability of

the chip system.

There are three that we considered as obstacle in the previous chip system.

-Lack of Farming content that allows you to get the final chip if you keep playing

-Unintuitive system due to too many chip types and complex UI

-There are many non-preferred stats chips that are not used

It was determined that the overall update for existing system was necessary. We made the system simpler

and easier to use along with the changes.

The Total Combat Power (TCP) will be decreased after the renewal. Chips are now bound to the account

and will be converted as a unified material called. Don’t fret, as you will be able to craft any chips that you

wanted using a specific amount of then your TCP will be recovered.

Pet System Renewal

We can’t get enough to give you more updates as we return our server! We will be introducing the

Pet System with new awesome features.

Pets are now account-bound once we return and you can increase your character’s TCP when you

enhance your pet’s stats. No more spamming of potions as enhanced pets could automatically consume

potions for you. You can also apply cool visual effects to your equipped pet from unlocked pets.

One of the things that we are most excited about is the release of Mini Bai and Syrphid pets!

Cozy Winter Costume

We want to keep a warm welcome so let’s add excitement and warmth to this year’s styling.

The Cozy Winter Costume will be available after the update. This will keep you comfortable on cold days

along with our cool updates.

We’re excited to serve our community as the server open time will be announced soon.

Please stay tuned and get ready for a new start of Closers!